We are excited to meet you and journey with you through the Created for Connection Retreat!  Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the retreat, what to expect, or anything else that may come up.  Once you have registered, we will send you a welcome letter with more details about the retreat and how to prepare.

We do recommend purchasing the book Created for Connection: The “Hold Me Tight” Guide for Christian Couples.  Please consider reading the introduction and beginning chapters prior to the retreat.  It will be a useful tool well after the retreat is over.

Once registered for the retreat, we do not issue refunds for cancellations for missed retreats.  If something unforeseen arises that prevents you from attending the retreat, we are happy to transfer your retreat fee to another session within one calendar year from the retreat you’d planned on attending.  In-person attendance may be shifted to remote at anytime but not vice versa due to capacity limitations.

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Frequently Asked Questions


We will bring C4C to you!  You will need a comfortable private space where you and your partner can witness the retreat in real-time as Julie and Allison guide you through the content and conversations.  All needed materials will be mailed prior to the retreat as well as detailed info on how to make the most of the REMOTE C4C RETREAT experience.

What can I expect at a C4C retreat?
The program involves a combination of teaching, examples, and lots of practical applications for the couples that attend. The presentations include many practical and fun examples for couples prior to a time of interaction just with your partner. Created for Connection Retreat is based on the most successful couples therapy, Emotionally-Focus Therapy (EFT) by Dr. Sue Johnson.

Who should attend?
Any couples that desire more closeness in their relationship and an understanding of the negative patterns that divide their connection. Only couples in severe crisis (dealing with active addiction, ongoing affairs, or active abuse) are not a good fit for this program and benefit from couples therapy.

Who are the facilitators?
Julie and Allison are licensed therapists and a mother/daughter teaching team with years of experience working with couples. They teach with humor, insight and a deep passion for seeing couples move toward secure closeness and healing from old wounds. Both Julie and Allison are trained in EFT therapy and the integration of EFT with spirituality. They guide couples through a powerful and transformative weekend.

Does the retreat provide childcare?
Unfortunately, we are not able to provide childcare at our C4C retreat. 

Is there a cancellation policy?
Yes. We are able to accept only a limited number of couples for each retreat, your reservation and payment secures your space. We do not offer any refunds once your payment is received and space reserved.  If unforeseen circumstances prevent your attendance, you may transfer your fee to another retreat within one calendar year of the date you planned on attending. In-person attendance may be shifted to remote at any time.

Still have questions regarding a C4C retreat?
Contact Julie and Allison here: